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Itinerary Planning

If you don’t speak the language, if you want to maximize your time, if you love to enjoy a local experience, if you know what you like but not where to find it, then count on me! I can make it possible!It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling alone, with a group of friends or as a family, I can help make your stay memorable.

Unique City Tours

When you just arrive to a new city, nothing better than to check the city around trough the eyes of a local friend. We offer both: walking tours (combined with public transportation and/or taxis) and tours with private transportation (with a car, van or bus; depending on the size of your party).

Hire Your Angel!

Even though you can find yourself amongst many crowds, visiting a large city can sometimes be a lonely experience. There is always the question of how best to break into another culture, and sometimes it is just nice to have a friend around. Apart from helping you plan the perfect trip to Buenos Aires.

Other Services

This very unique tour will take you around one of the most representative avenues in the city of Buenos Aires: Corrientes avenue (The Broadway of Buenos Aires), surrounded by Theatres, Cultural Centres, Restaurants, Bookshops, Bars, Cafés, Tango Clubs, open until the early Morning.

Enjoy a fabulous dinner in a cozy local house pairing it with the most representative grapes of Argentina.  Set in a beautiful tasting room, a sommelier will guide you through 5 different wines paired with delectable fresh food.

International flights land at Ezeiza (EZE) International Airport, located 34 km (20 miles) west of downtown Buenos Aires, while domestic (and Uruguay) flights are served by Jorge Newbery Airport (AEP) in Costanera Norte, just 20 minutes from the city centre. Whether you are arriving or departing, I can arrange a remise with a trustworthy English speaking driver who will help make your trip that much easier and more enjoyable.

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